Vehicle Fit Guide

This guide will help you find the perfect BlendMount® and MirrorTap® product for your vehicle.

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BlendMount® Custom Fit Billet Aluminum Rear View Mirror Mounts

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Standard Series

The Standard Series mounts are used for most American and Asian vehicles which are compatible with rear view mirrors that have a cylindrical stem at least 1” long.

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One Size Does Not Fit All!
With Over 500 Different Mounts Available,
We Have The Perfect Fit For Your Vehicle.

Specialty Series

The Specialty Series mounts are designed for specific mirrors type mostly found in European vehicles and a few American and Asian vehicles.


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Where’s the best place to mount your radar detector?

Chances are, you already know the hassle that comes with radar detector mounting. With BlendMount® and MirrorTap®, the days of suction cups and hanging wires are over. Keep your windshield and dashboard looking clear and let your radar detector appear factory installed. Secure your New Escort MAXcam 360c, RedLine 360c, MAX3, Max 360c, RedLine EX, Uniden R7/R8, R1/R3/R4, K40 Electronics Platinum100, Valentine One Gen2, Radenso DS1 or Cobra Road Scout radar detector, using our easy to use, patented BlendMount® radar detector mount.
This adjustable, easy to install mount allows you not only an unimpeded field of vision, but maximum radar coverage, with a minimum of difficulty. Directions for installation are included, along with extra hardware. The BlendMount® is also manufactured, assembled and sold from our California headquarters, making customer service before and after your BlendMount® purchase a snap!

New Escort MAXcam 360c - Engineered For Driver‎

MAXcam 360c has finally arrived.

BlendMount® Compatible
No more bouncing or falling on hot sunny days.

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Experience 3D

We ensure that our mounts are designed and manufactured using the best tools available, including SolidWorks 3D CAD software, 3D printing technology and CNC Manufacturing. Each BlendMounts have been assembled and inspected by hand in America!

3D - BlendMount Aluminum Mount

3D - V1 Radar Detector

3D - Rear View Mirror

Compatible Porsche models: 911 Carrera, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman, Panamera and Taycan

As seen In Panorama Magazine!

We have hundreds of precision crafted mounts in stock, ready to be boxed up and shipped straight to your door. Need it quick? No problem, our BlendMount experts are standing by to fulfill your order Monday to Friday.

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MirrorTap® 12 Volt Power Cords

  The MirrorTap® Power Cord simply plugs into the exposed wire harness on the rear face of your auto-dimming interior rear view mirror. No cutting or splicing wires. The MirrorTap® is constructed of 26 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse and a black braided flexible sleeve. Compatible Radar Detectors: Escort, Beltronics, Valentine One, Uniden, Radenso, Cobra, K40 Electronics and Whistler. Compatible Dashcams: Blackvue

BlackVue Dashcams

6 reasons to own a dashcam

# 1

Have a record of your accident

# 2

Get out of a ticket

# 3

Help fight insurance fraud

# 4

Make you a better driver

# 5

Review your teenager’s driving skills

# 6

Have an eye on your unattended vehicle

When it comes to radar detector mounts, choose the industry leader: BlendMount®, the patented radar detector mount. 







Patented Design

Our Patented Spring Clip prevents your Radar detector from bouncing around.

OEM Appearance

Looks Factory Installed. The key word is Quality. No More Suction Cups!

Made in USA

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in California.

Certified Installers

Endorsed by Hundreds of professional installers.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Precision machined of durable, lightweight, Black Anodized, Aircraft Grade Aluminum.

Multiple Adjustments

Adjustability is one of the key features that makes BlendMount America's favorite rearview mirror mount.

Changing your Radar Detector or Dashcam?

If you are wanting to change devices and have an existing BlendMount® you may not need a whole new mount.
Check out our Shop Products tab and go to Upgrades and Adapters to find the correct clip or mount for your new device!

We Stand Behind Our Products. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! ZERO Risk - No Hassle | Made in USA
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