MirrorTap® Power Cord

MirrorTap Power Cords

  The MirrorTap Power Cord simply plugs into the exposed wire harness on the rear face of your auto-dimming mirror. No cutting or splicing wires. The MirrorTap is constructed of 26 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse and a black braided flexible sleeve. Compatible Radar Detectors: Escort, Beltronics, Valentine One, Uniden, Radenso, Cobra, K40 Electronics and Whistler.

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"Power Up" your radar detector by TAPPING into the plug of your rear view mirror’s wire harness. No More Dangling Power Cords!

Made in USA

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.

Quick and Easy Installation

Perfect for a clean and OEM look. No More Cigarette Lighter Power Cord!

RJ-11 and DC Plug Connector

Fits Most Radar Detectors and 12Volt Dashcams

No More cigarette lighter

2 Amp Inline Fuse

The MirrorTap is constructed of 26 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse and a black flexible sheathing.

Patented Design

US Pat. D0794570, D0794569, 10,033,143

Military Grade Taps

This kit Includes 8 Interchangeable Military Grade Taps to fit just about any size wire harness plug.

Mirrortap Kit
MirrorTap Install
rear view mirror connector

About MirrorTap


MirrorTap is a patented brand that specializes in manufacturing power cords for various devices used in vehicles, particularly radar detectors and dashcams. The MirrorTap power cords are designed to provide a clean and hardwired power source for these devices, often connecting to the rearview mirror's wiring.

The MirrorTap power cords typically feature a tap-in design, allowing users to draw power directly from the rearview mirror's wiring harness. This eliminates the need for using the vehicle's fuse box or the cigarette lighter for power, providing a more integrated and professional-looking installation.

MirrorTap products are known for their compatibility with a variety of radar detectors and dashcams, and they often come with different cable lengths and multiple interchangeable Military Grade Taps to accommodate different vehicle setups. The installation process usually involves tapping into the mirror's power source, and MirrorTap provides instructions and accessories for a straightforward setup.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about MirrorTap products, including their latest offerings and compatibility details, it is recommended to use the Vehicle Fit Guide or contact their customer support directly.