Escort Inc

BMG Series | Compatible Radar Detectors with EZ Magnet


The MAX 360c MKII offers 50% improved range, lightning-fast performance, and a dramatically quieter ride.


The Escort MAX 360 MKII provides high-performance detection with outstanding false alert filtering intelligence for a dramatically quieter ride.

MAXcam 360c

The MAXcam 360c delivers exceptional detection performance combined with advanced video protection.

MAX 360c

Escort MAX 360C Laser Radar Detector - WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled, 360° Protection, Extreme Long Range.

Redline EX

Escort Redline EX Laser Radar Detector - Escort Live, Extreme Range, False Alert Filter, OLED Display, Voice Alert.

RedLine 360c

Escort RedLine 360c, 2X the range. 360° directional awareness. 100% stealth.


Escort MAX 3 levels up your driving game as the next evolution in connected driver alert systems.


Twice the Filtering Accuracy. Exceptional Range. Maximized Awareness.

MAX 360

The New MAX 360 (EZ Mag case) provides full 360° awareness with a forward and rear-facing dual-antenna system.

Escort iX

Escort iX Laser Radar Detector - Auto Learn Protection, Extreme Long Range, Bluetooth, Voice Alerts, OLED Display.

Escort iXc

Escort iXc Laser Radar Detector - Extended Range, WiFi Connected Car Compatible, Auto Learn Protection.

BMX Series | Compatible Radar Detectors

Escort MAX 360

ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS, Directional Alerts, Dual Antenna Front and Rear, Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live.

Passport Max2

Radar detector with Bluetooth®, GPS, and preloaded camera database

Passport Max

High Definition Radar Performance

Passport Max II Platinum

ESCORT MAX II Platinum - Radar Laser Detector, Auto Learn Technology, ESCORT LIVE App, Bluetooth, GPS, Speed Alerts.

BBE Series | Compatible Radar Detectors

Passport 9500ix/Platinum

Long Range, Fewer False Alerts, National Coverage, GPS Capable, Ticket Protection

Escort X80

Radar detector with Bluetooth®

Escort X70

Long Range Smartphone Live App Enabled Laser Radar Detector

Passport 8500 X50

Passport Radar/Laser Detector

Passport S75G

High Performance Radar and Laser Detector


High Performance Radar and Laser Detector


Dual Antennae, Incredible Range


Radar Detector with X, K, & SuperWide Ka Bands, Front and Rear Laser Detection, DSP, and AutoMute

Solo S4

Cordless radar detector

Solo S3

Cordless radar detector

Solo S2

Cordless radar detector

Passport 9500i

GPS Radar Detector

BM1 Series | Compatible Dashcams


M1 Dash Cam 1080HD Video. Protection. Community.


M2 Radar-Mounted Smart Dash Cam