Power Cord, MTX Series, Patented, 20 inches long, RJ-11, 2 Amp Inline Fuse with Military Grade Taps

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  • mtx-1020 mirrortap power cords
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  • MTX-1020 kit
  • Power Cord, MTX Series, Patented, 20 inches long, RJ-11, 2 Amp Inline Fuse with Military Grade Taps
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  • Power Cord, MTX Series, Patented, 20 inches long, RJ-11, 2 Amp Inline Fuse with Military Grade Taps
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About the MirrorTap® MTX-1020 Volt Power Cord

The MirrorTap MTX 20" Long is constructed of 26 gauge wire with a 2-amp inline fuse, RJ-11 connector and a black braided flexible sleeve that looks Factory. This kit Includes Military Grade interchangeable taps sizes (2) .040" Red/Black, (2) .045" Red/Black, (2).060" Red/Black, (2) .075" Red/Black, Zip Ties, Shrink Tubing, Electrical Tape and Installation Instruction. DIY'ers: Our installation instructions include the Step-by-Step VoltMeter process for determining the +12V Switch and Ground harness slots. Others: Visit your Dealer or local Car Audio Shop for installation.

What's Included

This BlendMount Kit includes everything needed for a professional looking installation:

  • 18" Long Power cable w/ RJ-11 connector and inline 2A fuse (non-replaceable)
  • (2) .040" taps (red/black) 2" Long
  • (2) .045" taps (red/black) 2" Long
  • (2) .060" taps (red/black) 2" Long
  • (2) .075" taps (red/black) 2" Long
  • (2) 5" Wire-ties
  • 1/2" Section of shrink-tubing
  • 1" Strip of electrical tape (attached to inner parts bag)
  • Installation instructions

U.S. Pat. D0794569, D0794570, 10,033,143

Disclaimer: J28 DESIGN INC. will not be held responsible for any damage to, interference with, or malfunction of your vehicle's electrical system resulting from installation or use of the MTPC. Consult with your vehicle's dealer for any questions about your vehicle's electrical system especially if your vehicle has any type of smart cruise control, crash avoidance or lane departure system. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this product and return it for a full refund. If you are unable to use a voltmeter we recommend taking your vehicle to an auto stereo install shop.

Compatible Radar Detectors

  • Escort : Escort MAX 360 MKII, Escort MAX 360c MKII, MAXcam 360c, RedLine 360c, MAX 3, Max 360c, Escort iX/iXc, RedLine EX, Max 360,  Max2, Max, PASSPORT X80, PASSPORT X70, PASSPORT 9500ix,  PASSPORT 9500i, RedLine, PASSPORT 8500 X50 BLUE,  PASSPORT 8500 X50 RED,  PASSPORT 7500/7500S/6800,  C65,  SOLO S2,  SOLO S3,  SOLO S4,  SC 55,  SmartRadar
  • Beltronics: GT-1, GT-360, GT-7,  PRO 100/200/300/500,  GX 65,  STI DRIVER,  STI MAGNUM,  RX 65 BLUE,  RX 65 RED,  VECTOR 995,  VECTOR 955,  VECTOR 940,  V6,  V8,  V10 
  • Cobra: Road Scout, DualPro 360°
  • Valentine One: V1, V1 Gen2
  • Radenso: XP, SP
  • Uniden: R1, R3, R4, R7, DFR8, DFR9, LRD950, LRD850, DFR7, DFR6




Instruction Sheet Click to Download


How do you check voltage with a Voltmeter?
Guidelines on Using a Voltmeter to Locate Power and Ground

1. First set your voltmeter to the continuity setting (should beep when you touch the red and black probes together, telling you they are shorted).
2. Find a ground on the car somewhere, like a bolt under the dash, or a metal cross member.
3. Put the black probe on that ground, and touch the back of each exposed wire connector in the mirror harness with the red probe.
4. For each wire that beeps, that means that wire is grounded. Turn the ignition to the on position, then back to off, and make sure it beeps regardless of ignition position.
5. Put the voltmeter into VDC mode, to measure DC volts, turn the ignition to the on position.
6. Put the black probe on the ground wire found in #4.
7. Touch each of the wires in that harness with the red probe, and note which one(s) gives you +12-14 volts, turn the ignition off to verify that the volt readings go down to zero or close to zero.
8. That should define which two ports in that harness into which you would plug the MirrorTap, the black Prong into #4 above, and the Red to #7.
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Warranty Info


To obtain warranty service, return the affected component(s) with proof of purchase, at your expense, within the limited warranty period to J28 Design.

J28 Design, manufacturer of BlendMount brand mounts and accessories ("Products") that are purchased through the BlendMount Online Store or an authorized dealer will be free from factory defects, under normal use and service, for a period of one year starting from the date that is the earlier of retail sale and delivery, or installation. This limited warranty covers only Products; labor is not covered. This limited warranty does not cover defects or damage due to abuse, misuse or improper installation. This warranty applies to Products that you or an authorized BlendMount dealer have installed, but only for defects in manufacturing - not conditions caused by the improper installation.

The remedy for breach of this limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of any BlendMount brand Product that proves to be defective, and does not extend or create liability for consequential damages, costs or expenses, including loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of use of the vehicle to which the Product is installed. Any implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is expressly limited to the duration of this limited one-year Product warranty, or to the shortest duration permitted by the laws in your state.




You are encouraged to contact or call J28 Design at 1-888-497-8388 for assistance and further information.

2-Year Extended Warranty (Optional)

The MirrorTap 2-Year Extended Warranty begins once your original warranty has expired. The Extended Warranty ends (3) three years from the date on your invoice and/or proof of purchase. There is no upgrade on products. We will replace the broken component only and not the entire MirrorTap.

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Additional Info

Connector Type:
MTX | RJ-11
Cable Length:
20 inches
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