MirrorTap Power Cords

“Power Up” your radar detector by TAPPING into the plug of your rear view mirror’s wire harness.
Mirrortap MTX
Mirrortap Power Cord
Mirrortap RJ-11
Mirrortap DC Plug

Military Grade Taps

This kit Includes 8 Interchangeable Military Grade Taps to fit just about any size wire harness plug.

2 Amp Inline Fuse

The MirrorTap is constructed of 24 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse and a black flexible sheathing.

RJ-11 and DC Plug

Fits Most Radar Detector and 12Volt Dashcam.

Quick and Easy Installation

Perfect for a clean and OEM look. No More Cigarette Lighter Power Cord!

Multiple Patents Pending

100% Made in the USA.

Compatible Radar Detectors / 12-Volt RJ-11 and DC Plug

RJ-11: Escort iX, Max 360, Max2, Max, PASSPORT, PASSPORT X70, PASSPORT 9500ix, PASSPORT 9500i, REDLINE, PASSPORT 8500 X50 BLUE, PASSPORT 8500 X50 RED, PASSPORT 7500/7500S/6800, C65, SOLO S2, SOLO S3, SC 55, SmartRadar

RJ-11: GT-7, PRO 100/200/300/500, GX 65, STI DRIVER, STI MAGNUM, RX 65 BLUE, RX 65 RED, VECTOR 995, VECTOR 955, VECTOR 940, V6, V8, V10

DC Plug: SPX 7800BT, SPX 7700, SPX 6700, SPX 5500/5400/5300, SRX 9700/9570/9470/9370, iRAD 900/950, RAD 450/350/250

RJ-11: V1

RJ-11: XP | DC Plug:  Pro, Pro SE

DC Plug: RSL2, RD950

DC Plug: LRD950, LRD850, LRD750, DFR7, DFR6, DFR5, DFR1

DC Plug: CR68, CR73, CR88, CR93, Z-11R, Z-15R, Z19R

Available in 10" 15" 20" Length
RJ-11 Connector$39.99

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Available in 10" 15" 20" Length
DC Plug Connector$39.99

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Available in 8' Length
HardWire Kit$29.99

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