Standard vs Specialty? Why are the Specialty Mounts more expensive?
The Standard Mounts are designed to fit multiple mirror types that have a cylindrical shaped stem that is at least 1 inch long which are found in most American and Asian vehicles. The Specialty Mounts are designed for a specific mirror type which consists of more intricate parts that require much more machining in the CNC milling machines. With over 50 variations of Specialty Mounts, they are manufactured in much smaller quantities than the Standard Mounts.
I just got a new car, do I have to buy a new mount, or can I just replace a portion of my mount to make it work?
It really depends on what car you had and what your new car is. You would need to call Customer Service 1-888-497-8388 and give them this info. Then we can determine if you just need to purchase some parts or if you need a whole new mount.
Are mounts designed to fit specific vehicles or are they universal?
Our Specialty mounts are designed for a very specific mirror type which may be found in a couple of different vehicles. Our Standard mounts are designed for rear view mirrors that have a cylindrical stem at least one inch long which are found in multiple vehicles.
If I have an ‘incompatible’ mirror type, will you possibly have something developed in the future for it?
Probably not.
How do I know if I have an auto dimming or manual dimming mirror?
Manual dimming mirrors have a lever on the bottom of the mirror that you flip to reduce the brightness of the headlights behind you. Auto dimming mirrors reduce the brightness automatically and will always have a 12 volt power supply.
Mirrortap vs Hardtap wiring, which is best for my application?
The MirrorTap works great for auto dimming mirrors because the 12 volt power source is already up at the mirror. You will not have to route a power cord from under the dashboard, up the A-pillar, and under the headliner. The HardTap is a great alternative if you do not have an auto dimming mirror. It connects to the fuse box and has a nice braided sleeving on the end that connects to your accessory.
Does your mount work with the new Escort magnetic style connection?
Yes, the BMG series was designed for the Escort IX radar which has their new quick release type magnet.
Are there instructions on how to do the mirrortap for my specific vehicle?
The MirrorTap instructions show how to install the MirrorTap but does not have vehicle specific installations. A volt meter is needed to determine the 12 volt and ground wires of the mirror’r wire harness plug. However, you can check our forum for vehicle specific MirrorTap installs that our customers have done on their vehicles.
Is the BlendMount something I can install on my own? Or do I have to take to a shop?
Most of our customers are able to install the BlendMount on their own. There are detailed instructions for each of our mounts. We recommend sitting in the passenger seat when installing the mount.
Can I take my car to a car stereo shop to help with the installation?
Yes. If you do not feel comfortable installing the mount we suggest going to a 12 volt car stereo install shop. You can check our Certified installer map to see if there is an installer in your area.
Do you make mounts for all manufacturers cars?
We have mounts for all the major auto manufacturers except for Mercedes.