Problem: my camera restarts randomly or after starting my car, “resetting the time” can be heard.
DR430-2CH, DR450-1CH, DR470-2CH (with external GPS module connected ) DR650S and 650GW series dashcams with latest firmware installed reboot to save the GPS time on the RTC (Real Time Clock) of the dashcam.

Note: non exhaustive list but some cars such as the Tesla, Mercedes Benz and current Land Rover and Jaguar models have UV treated/ heated windshields and some use a transparent layer which impedes GPS and/ or other wireless signals.
Blackvue offers a utility to set the item manually on a laptop before reinserting the the microSD card into the camera:
Does the camera work on battery when the car is off?
This depends on the car make/ model and/ or the way the camera is wired up for power supply during the installation. Some makes such as the GM brands do not cut power to the 12V outlet(s) in the car when it is locked and until it reaches a critically low charge (Voltage) level. Others, such as BMW, “time-out” the 12V outlets power supply about 20 minutes once the car has been locked.

Please keep that in mind and consider your need/ want for the camera’s Parking Mode (reduced power consumption + motion and chock detection if power supply is present)) which goes into effect if the camera/ car has not changed based on its GPS for 20 minutes or more.

If your car shuts down the 12V outlet power supply when it is off or if you simply do not want to take up a 12V outlet for the camera, you can “hardwire” the camera during the installation by routing the power cable to (one of) the fuse box(es) in the car. Some makes do not have a fuse box in the cockpit. Other have one on the driver or passenger side upfront and another in the trunk usually. Please note: if you have never done 12V work and have the required knowledge and understanding to prevent damage to your vehicle and the camera, please seek the help of a professional.
Where does the camera record video to?
The camera comes with a microSD memory camera and records video, audio, GPS data, logs and other data onto it until it is full before then “looping” and overwriting the oldest files.
Does the camera record audio?
The camera offers the option to record an audio onto the video footage. This can be set in the companion App to always be ON or OFF by default when the camera is operating.
There is also an infrared sensor on the left side of the camera you can hold a finger up to to toggle the audio recording on or off manually at anytime.
What is the video resolution?
The Blackvue DR650S-2CH front camera records video in “Full HD or FHD or 1080p” at 1920×1080 px. The rear camera module records in “HD" at 1280×720 px.
The manufacturer changed the bitrate over the years to balance heat/ processor load, performance and video quality. In the DR650S-2CH with the current firmware version as of Aug 2017 it is 10Mbps (Front)/5Mbps (Rear).
Is the camera hard to install?
No. You will need to install/ position/ wire the camera properly and then set it up with the companion Blackvue app on your phone or tablet. We recommend our specialty mount to simplify and insure a clean-looking and safe
How long are the cables?
The power cable is 15’ long. It is long enough to install in most cars and even SUVs such the Range Rover or BMW X5/ X6. Ditto with the Coaxial cable which is even longer at 20’.
What’s the lens angle?
140 degrees
What is the min/ max recommended operating temperature?
BlackVue specifications listed by the manufacturer are -20° to 60°C which converts to -4° to 140°F
What should I pay attention to during the installation?
We have had clients confuse the coaxial and power cables even though they are completely different. Please do not plug the coaxial into power and vice-versa. Damage caused by mistake or accident by the user is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for defects.
Where is the owner’s manual?
The Quickstart guide in the box of your Blackvue may not cover some questions you have. If you’d like to read up on more details, please click this link:
What about software updates?
The Blackvue app updates pushed through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and can be installed on your mobile phone tablet by tapping update or, depending on your settings, the device may update it automatically for you.
The manufacturer also makes firmware updates available for the camera itself. It is recommended to be on the latest firmware available but we recommend you do not install it immediately after release in case a corrective one is issued shortly afterwards so you don’t have to deal with any eventual issues.
The download link for the latest firmware is Choose Mac or Windows, decompress the file and copy the “Blackvue” folder to a formatted microSD before reinserting the memory card into the camera. The camera will then upgrade and that part may take up to 5 mns. Make sure the power supply to the camera is not interrupted during that process.
What is WiFi, does it mean the camera has internet access?
No. Wifi is the means of wireless of communication between the camera and a wireless device such a smartphone or tablet running the Blackvue app.
There is no screen, how do I review the footage?
By using the companion app available for free in the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store. Search for Blackvue and tap install.

Go to your device’s settings / WiFi / tap the SSID that starts with DR650…. Enter the default password “Blackvue" (without quotations).
In Android devices, disable to option that check for internet connectivity (under WIFI advanced settings) to avoid a common “Weak signal…” warning/ issue. Once connected, launch the Blackvue App and tap the middle WiFi option on the screen.

If you prefer to use your computer to review the footage, simply unplug the power cable of the camera, IMPORTANT: WAIT until the orange status light stops blinking, press with your nail to pop the microSD card out and insert into the microSD to USB adapter included in the box to connect it to your computer. Here is the download link to the free BlackVue Viewer software which you can use to review footage, reset the Wifi password if you have changed it from the default “Blackvue” and also perform a few basic footage/ image manipulation such as taking a still image, rotating the video etc.
Will the camera drain my battery?
If your car does not cut the power to the 12V outlet or if the camera is wired incorrectly, it will drain your car battery over several days of continuous operation.
Please make sure to understand how your car electrical system is configured (if I leave something plugged into a 12V outlet and lock the car, does it still get power?).

The Blackvue can be hardwired with a companion electrical module called “Power Magic Pro”, the job of which is to cut power to the camera if/ when detects the car’s battery voltage dropping and reaching a 12V or 12.5V (user configured) and/ or a certain period of time has passed, whichever (the low voltage or time) comes first.