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To invest or not to invest

"I read a ton of reviews for mounting brackets for the Escort 360max for our new Q5. The Blendmount costs way more than the other brackets so I questioned why there was such a difference. In the end, I chose the Blendmount because:
- it was the only product where enough info was given on the website to assure me that the bracket was specifically tested to fit the Q5.
- the reviews were almost unanimously positive.
- due to above two reasons, I felt that spending the extra dollars was worth the time and effort (and stress) of getting a bracket that would work well on the first try (no shipping back the unit and having to try another)."

From MAG of El Paso, Texas

Amazing Craftmanship

"Amazing craftsmanship! Everything about this mount is beyond compare. Well worth every dime! The mount makes my detector seamlessly blend into the mirror giving it a factory fit and finish. Thank you and I will be purchasing 3 more mounts for the rest of my vehicles!"

Tim H. - Holly, Michigan

The people at BlendMount are simply amazing! Not only do they have great customer service ...

"The people at BlendMount are simply amazing! Not only do they have great customer service and willing to make sure you have the product you need but their products alone are amazing as well. If you are looking for a mount this is the one to buy hands down. Again, just great people and great products!!"

Amazon Customer - 1/15/2018

Excellent Product

"I highly recommend the BlendMount accessory for your Radar/Laser Detectors. They are ideal for stealth, secure, and in an easy visual location for your detector. This is my second one since I have updated my choice of Detector. 5 Stars!!!"

James - Caldwell, Idaho
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Introducing The New BNR Series Uniden R1/R3 Radar Detector
blackvue dashcam

Tesla Model X | BlackVue DR750S DashCam

BBV-2035 installed by The DashCam Store.

Outstanding Quality

"I recently purchased a BlendMount after deciding to get a BlackVue dash camera. I have had several dash cameras over the years and have not have very good luck with the suction cup/tape mounts. I found a YouTube review of the BlendMount and was really impressed. I received it the same time I received my BlackVue dash camera and it really was a perfect fit for the dash cam. It is sturdy and does exactly what it is designed to do. The additional cost is worth it rather than having to deal with falling suction cups in the extreme heat (I live in FL) so even the best 3M tape does not hold up very well. Would highly recommend this product if you get a BlackVue dash camera"

Elliott G. - Tallahassee, Florida
Waylens Horizon Performance Camera BWH Series

Police Laser: How It Works & How to Beat It

Police laser guns are a common tool that police officers use to issue speeding tickets. They offer many advantages to a police officer over a radar gun and radar detectors don’t actually help against police laser. Laser jammers are required to combat laser guns. How does police laser work and what do you need to know about it to avoid speeding tickets?

Escort 360c

Escort Max 360c

The new ESCORT MAX 360c is the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car.

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BMW M4 install

"Bought this for my 2016 BMW M4. Love the look and the functionality, great product"

Howie - Albuquerque, New Mexico